The BRICK is a great place to be. The reason? We know what we do best – provide food and financial assistance to those in crisis. We’re clear about where we’re going. We’re even more sure about why. That Why isn’t some feel-good motivation. It’s not just a way to help out in our community. The big Why is that we’re all working to share our faith in our deeds. We’re all moved to help others because of the Love that first loved us. We’re loved, so we want to let everyone else know that they’re loved, too.

But when facing a crisis – housing, food, utilities, etc. – feeling loved is the last thing we might believe. Often we might think that we’re bad people because we can’t make ends meet. We might think that those around us have a negative opinion of us. We might feel judged by our circumstances.
That’s where The BRICK comes in. Remember, Jesus didn’t only preach, he started the conversation by healing and feeding. Following that example, The BRICK opens the dialogue by meeting physical needs, and then becomes a place where we can feel God’s Love. The BRICK works to be a source of reassurance of God’s grace, understanding, and acceptance.

How do we go about sharing God’s grace? That love is shared by everyone at The BRICK. All the volunteers and staff are serving because they want to be here – and they’re happy! They see how the simple acts – opening a door, lending an ear, sharing a smile – can make a difference, if just for a moment, in someone’s life. This is what The BRICK is really about. Sure, the food shelf is a fantastic resource in our community. We serve about 1,400 people every month. Our benevolence program is just as essential – providing emergency financial assistance to about 30 households monthly. But the core of why we’re here – to make a difference in people’s lives by sharing God’s love – is expressed in every little action coming from the heart.

But we couldn’t do all this great work without the support of our community. (See About>Supporters) Our 17 Covenant Churches, as well as many other churches in the area, are a fantastic source of volunteers, food donations, financial donations, and prayerful support. Our individual donors are super financial supporters; without them we couldn’t keep our doors open. There are plenty of businesses who help us out in all types of partnerships, ranging from banking to tech support to food donations. We also partner with other agencies to make sure that those in need don’t go without. If we can’t provide services directly to those who come through our doors, then we do our best to help them connect with someone else who can help. When we add up all those supporters – parishioners, individual donors, business partners, cooperating agencies – we come up with hundreds of people sharing God’s love by using their time, talents, and resources to the best advantage.

If you’re looking for that peace that surpasses all understanding, then you might just find it here at The BRICK!