Volunteer Application

Volunteer Application

Please review and fill out the following forms for the volunteer application. You may print and return these forms in person to the Office Manager at The BRICK in Ashland, scan and email them to officemanager.thebrick@centurytel.net, or fax them to (715)682-7427 ATTN: Office Manager.

There are three forms required for the volunteer application:

Volunteer Application
The volunteer application gives us information regarding your contact information, preferences, interests, and availability. It also includes a confidentiality agreement. You must sign a confidentiality agreement before volunteering. Volunteers are required to respect the privacy of program participants.

Disclosure and Release Form
This form gives us permission to run a background investigation. Criminal convictions never disqualify an applicant from serving. Information gathered with background investigations is completely confidential, and is used to guarantee the safety of staff, volunteers, and program participants.

Summary of Your Rights
While there is nothing to fill out on this form, please read and review the information.